How does it Work?

Pettracc is the smart pet tag and Applications. It includes a QR tag and chip for double protection which is activated by the process of scanning its QR code with a smartphone or tablet.
Once registered, someone who can scan this QR code, or access the Lost / Found option in our website, and enter the unique identification code. This will send an alarm to our platform and to the pet´s owner´s with the GPS location and the contact information who has notified that your pet was found.
Available 24 hours 7 days a week. If your pet already has a chip, just send us the 15 digit code and we will incorporate it to PetTracc for free, when you purchase our QR tag.
Also if your PetTracc tag gets lost, we will replace it for free during the first year for the same registered pet. You just pay the shipping charges.

Your pet´s important information will be shown to the person who found your pet including: Pet´s name, breed, contact email, special care, and your pets picture. This person then, can report your lost pet

Additionally to our GPS and identification solution, Pettracc includes:

1. Medical History Database

All important information about your pet, including: clinical history, insurance info,vaccines, medications, special care, veterinarians, photos, official subcutaneous identification chip registration information, etc., is available in one place for your complete access and control.

2. List of Registered Veterinarians

We offer a list of registered veterinarians by georeferencial location for quick access and contact. View list in main menu under Vets

3. Specialized Services Network with discounts

When acquiring Pettracc; our customers receive a membership to PukyClub completely free for a year. These services include: Veterinary specialists: Dentists, Ophthalmologists, Alternative medicine, Acupuncture, ultrasound and grooming services (Currently these services are only available in Bogotá, Colombia).

Activation & Registration

Follow these steps to activate your intelligent PetTracc.

Prepare Pettracc Tag

Unpack Pettracc from blister package,
read instructions, and get activation code. Finally put ring on tag to hold on pet´s collar once you finish registration.

Scan unique QR Code

Scan the QR code using your cell phone or tablet
Via Wi-Fi or phone data with Internet. Using any free QR code reader for Androide or IOS such as: Bar-Code, I-Nigma, Quick Scan and others. Open url.


Activate Pettracc

Enter requested data, activation
code, and an email for the creation of the unique user. You will be sent a link to your registered email for password confirmation. Now the activation process is done.

Login in our Web site

Go to
logging with your registered email. Complete all the information about you and your pet such as: Photo (s), contact number (s), medical information, vets information, vaccinations, etc. Or download APP for Android or IOS


Why Choose PetTracc?

Because Pettracc is designed to provide Pet´s owners latest technology tools to keep control of their love ones. Pettracc is a division of Pukyvan, a company dedicated to provide grooming and veterinarian services with a vast experience in the market since 2004. Pettracc is 1) An alternatively solution to our GPS tracking devices which our company also offers. 2) A complement to Chip IDs. Although, PetTracc is not a tracking system, it can send the GPS location on Google maps where your pet was found

Where can I get Pettracc?

Pettracc can be obtained through our distributors, veterinarians, and directly from our web site in BUY Tag option. For more information, please contact us. Or select Vets/Providers option from main menu

What other benefits I get with Pettracc?

•All important information about your pet; including clinical history, vaccines, veterinarians, photos, etc. Available in one place
• Free registration Microchip information
• Alarms / reminders to remember annual vaccination and deworming - available with active membership to PukyClub
• Ability to upload multiple photos: Up to 5 photos - available with active PukyClub membership.
• Free PukyClub membership for one year to obtain discounts on Microchips, Grooming services, Pet sitting and specialized veterinarians. Automatic e-mail reminders for vaccination programming, deworming and medical appointments. Additionally, we send "Newsletters" with information on promotions and "tips". Also if your PetTracc tag gets lost, we will replace it for free for the same registered pet. You just pay a new activation fee and shipping charges.